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Workshop portfolio

For examples of items that can be spray painted, visit our Black gloss cupboardworkshop spray painting portfolio.

Call us on 020 3247 4400 if you would like to discuss your project with us.

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Attention to detail, the use of best products and dedication to our work are the basis of our stringent quality standard.

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Workshop spray painting

We are based in SE London in an easily accessible location. Our facilities are set up with the best equipment to achieve optimal results.

We only use the finest materials to guarantee a durable,hardwearing finish. Two-pack Polyurethane and water based paint our recommended choice.

These are ideal products for all joinery items old and new, woodGloss gold tableand MDF structures, timber and metal doors, chairs, desks and cabinets.

We can offer:

  • Hand polished high gloss finish
  • Matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss, gun gloss finishes
  • Metallic finishes
  • Clear lacquering
  • Wood stripping and staining

For examples of our work, visit our workshop spraying portfolio.

Spray painting in Radley shop
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